About us


In 2013, Our company started the production of decorative moldings, skirting boards and ceiling rosettes, and later the production of 3D panels and corners.

Due to the advanced technologies and high-quality production during a short period, the
company has achieved a leading position in international market place.

A group of professional designers have worked on styling and ornaments. By combining
high-quality raw materials with latest fashion trends, we offer an excellent and elegant
product that will satisfy the needs of each consumer.

In 2020, company has launched two new production lines. First line produces decorative
moldings and ceiling skirting boards from high-quality extruded polystyrene XPS
(POLYSTYLE). Second one – decorative moldings and ceiling skirting boards from high-
quality duropolimer (DUROSTYLE).

PolyStyle (16)

DuroStyle (21)

DecoStyle (117)

About us

Easy to install

Water resistant

High density